Charlotte Ranked One of the Best Places to Live in America

A recent survey taken by U.S. News & World Report put Charlotte, NC at the No.15 spot in their ranking of the best places to live in the United States.

Charlotte beat out cities like Atlanta (61st), Nashville (22nd) and Charleston (19th).

It is not surprising though, that the Queen City is finally being recognized for its budding economy and standout characteristics.

Here is the top 15 list:

#1 : Denver, CO
#2 : Austin, TX
#3 : Fayetteville, AR
#4 : Raleigh – Durnham, NC
#5 : Colorado Springs, CO
#6 : Boise, ID
#7 : Seattle, WA
#8 : Washington, DC
#9 : San Francisco, CA
#10: San Jose, CA
#11: Des Moines, IA
#12: Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN
#13: Grand Rapids, MI
#14: Sarasota, FL
#15: Charlotte, NC

The survey came about after the top 100 most populated cities in America were analyzed based on quality of life, desirability, value, job market and net migration. The No. 1 city which is Denver, CO got a score of 7.8 out of 10, with Charlotte not far behind scoring 6.9 out of 10.

Charlotte has become an independent city that no longer succumbs to the shadow of Atlanta or Charleston, SC. The popular area is a great spot for living or visiting with a budding nightlife, new restaurants, events and opportunities that are bringing in people from all over.

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