8 Tips To Entertain Your Kids In Your SouthPark Home this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving week is the perfect time for your extended family and their kids to visit you from across the country and enjoy your home, neighborhood, and the SouthPark Mall (with the added bonus of fantastic Black Friday deals in North Carolina’s largest shopping mall, of course).

The advantage of living in a neighborhood like SouthPark is the easy access you have to a variety of fun events throughout Charlotte — like participating in the Charlotte Turkey Trot, attending a concert at the Charlotte Civic Orchestra, or even playing a game of golf at the Olde Sycamore Golf Plantation. There is so much more available for family fun and adventure.

However, come Thanksgiving Day, you’re going to be busy at home. While you get Thanksgiving dinner ready, your family and guests can keep the children entertained with these 8 fun-filled activities:

Thanksgiving Bingo (Crazy Little Projects)SouthPark, Thanksgiving 2016,bingo

Put on a few games of bingo that your guests can participate in while they’re waiting for dinner or after dessert. You can make the bingo cards holiday-themed and even have some prizes for the winners.

SouthPark, Thanksgiving 2016,Turkey Play DoughTurkey Play Dough (Fantastic Fun and Learning)

This is an inexpensive project that is sure to keep the kids busy during your party. Simple provide some brown-colored Play-Doh and some brightly-colored crafts for decoration. Be sure to get bright colored feathers and googly-eyes! This is also a great idea because it’s scissor and glue-free so even the smaller kids can enjoy.

SouthPark, Thanksgiving 2016,Chocolate Covered Pretzels -in a Turkey Jar, North CarolinaChocolate Covered Pretzels -in a Turkey Jar- (Inside Bru Crew Life)

Who would say no to making and enjoying these delicious treats? Set up pretzels, melted chocolate and edible décor that kids can use to create delicious turkey feathers. Be sure to have adult supervision during this kind of messier project.

SouthPark, Thanksgiving 2016,Pilgrim Hats Crayon CapsPilgrim Hats Crayon Caps (Lil Luna)

Let kids busy themselves for the day coloring! This is a super-easy project to set up and kids of all ages can enjoy. Use this crafting idea to create pilgrim hats to hold all of their crayons without making a mess.

SouthPark, Thanksgiving 2016,Fall Leaf PaintingFall Leaf Painting (Minnie – Mama)

With all of the leaves falling into our yards, now is the perfect time to put them to good use! Gather a bag full of colorful leaves and set them out on a table when they’re dry. Kids can use the leaves as turkey feathers, to trace around them or create artwork with them! The options are endless with this party idea.

SouthPark, Thanksgiving 2016,North Carolina, South Park Homes for Sale, Hand Painted TurkeyHand Painted Turkey (Happiest Mommies)

One of the things kids enjoy most is getting messy! For this craft, invest in some kid-friendly, washable paints and let them create their own little turkeys with their handprints. Make sure to cover the craft area carefully with washable materials and maybe a few crafting aprons for the kids to wear.

SouthPark, Thanksgiving 2016,North Carolina, South Park Homes for Sale, Darlin' Dixie GarlandDarlin’ Dixie Garland (Parenting.com)

Have the kids help with some festive decorations! Using dixie cups, kids can create a garland with any message they’d like attached. Letters can be created out of construction paper, glitter and more!

SouthPark, Thanksgiving 2016,North Carolina, South Park Homes for Sale, Hunt for Turkey FeathersFun Idea: Hunt for Turkey Feathers (Parenting.com)

Similar to an Easter egg hunt, this activity calls for the kids to find turkey feathers hidden throughout the house! You can give each child a color to find or simply reward the child who finds the most! (But make sure there are prices for everyone!)

We hope you enjoy spending time with your family, friends and SouthPark neighbors.

Nancy Braun and the Showcase Realty team wish you and your families a fun-filled and safe Happy Thanksgiving!  Please do not hesitate to contact us at 704.997.3794 if you’re looking for a SouthPark Home for Sale or would like to call any neighborhood in Charlotte home?. Questions? Send us a message here!  We’re at your service.

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